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Versions Studies


Catalogue of English Bible Translations

Chamberlin, William J. Catalogue of English Bible Translations: A Classified Bibliography of Versions and Editions Including Books, Parts, and Old and New Testament Apocrypha and Apocryphal Books. New York: Greenwood Press, 1991.

ISBN 0-313-28041-X. This is the most extensive (and expensive) listing of Bible versions available. This includes versions found in commentaries, parts of books published, Old Testaments, New Testaments, Full Bibles and more. At 898 pages, it is a large volume, but has an excellent index. It is also organized very well. Versions are first divided by Full Bible, Gospels, New Testaments, etc. Next they are listed by date. It is much easier to locate specific versions that with any other such reference, especially Herbert’s. For any collector looking for a listing of every version of Scripture ever published - this is it.


Historical Catalogue of Printed Editions of the English Bible

Herbert, A. S. Historical Catalogue of Printed Editions of the English Bible 1525-1961. London: British and Foreign Bible Society, 1968.

As the title indicates, this is a textual catalog of English Bibles. Beginning with Tyndale’s New Testament printed at Cologne, it continues through to versions from the mid-twentieth century. This is very helpful in pinpointing exactly which Bible one is referencing. When purchasing Older English Bibles, always consult Herbert’s. As this is an annotated catalog, it is also helpful in gaining some history and details about certain versions. The difference between this and Chamberlin’s work is that this lists every Bible edition as opposed to every Bible version. When you hear “this is Herbert’s #1024" you will know exactly which edition, which publisher, what year, etc.


English Bible In America: A Bibliography of Editions of the Bible & the New Testament Published in America, 1777-1957

Hills, Margaret T. The English Bible in America: A Bibliography of Editions of the Bible & the New Testament Published in America 1777-1957. New York: American Bible Society, 1961.

Hills work is set up much like Herbert’s but focusing solely on American published Bibles. Like Herbert’s this also lists every Bible edition - invaluable for referencing a particular volume.


English Language Bible Translators

Paul, William. English Language Bible Translators. Jefferson, North Carolina: MacFarland and Company, Inc. Publishers, 2003.

ISBN 0-7864-1425-1. Paul’s work has biographical sketches of many translators of English Bible versions. Along with that is information about the translations themselves. Organized alphabetically by the translators names, this reference is easy to use and very helpful. He includes the well known versions and even some obscure translations.


Encyclopedia of English-Language Bible Versions

Taliaferro, Bradford B. The Encyclopedia of English-Language Versions. McFarland, 2012.

ISBN 978-0-7864-7121-8. The Encyclopedia of English-Language Bible versions (EEBV) is a comprehensive listing of all full Bibles, Old Testaments and New Testaments in English. The EEBV provides details such as translators, source texts, revisions and much more. This is a reference for anyone who studies, reads or collects different versions of the Bible. Learn more about it (including where to purchase) at EEBV.BibleReaderMuseum.com

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